I'm a software engineer in Austin TX, currently a JS Engineer at Four Kitchens. In my spare time I write open source projects.

I like Javascript, Node.js, Go, and Vim. I enjoy writing clean, clear solutions to interesting problems. Other random interests include playing instruments, running/hiking, backpacking, and exploring Austin, TX with my wife.

Some of my work

Writing open source software is my passion, my hobby, and part of my job. Here are some of the things that I've worked on!

  • Aquifer - CLI build, test, and deployment tool for Drupal websites/applications.
  • Distill - Drupal module that enables dependent modules to extract and format data from Drupal entities in a way that is structured, organized, modular, and extendable.
  • Meteor Boilerplate - Starting point for Meteor-based apps that provides proper source tree structure, example schemas for structured data, and other patterns for building large Meteor apps.
  • Ubuntu Dev - Ansible playbook that turns a desktop debian-based Linux machine into a full-fledged development box for most popular languages/frameworks.
  • TableOperations - A jQuery plugin that makes it easy to operate on data stored in tables.
  • Ansible Minecraft - Ansible playbook that creates a basic Minecraft server on a vanilla ubuntu installation.
  • BootstrapBlocks - Bootstrap base-theme for Drupal.
  • ModernMail - Grunt-based responsive email generation tool.