I am a senior software engineer based in Austin TX, currently working remotely as an engineer at Four Kitchens, where I build and maintain large-scale Node.js-based applications for NBC. I use different tools, technologies, patterns and paradigms to create well-oiled systems that, in many cases, serve many thousands of requests per second. I am happiest when I'm writing code that is well-structured, clean, fully tested, and properly documented in order to solve complicated problems.

My specialties:
- JavaScript and Typescript
- Node.js
- GraphQL
- AWS (lambda, sqs, kinesis, etc)

In addition to working full-time as an engineer, I also enjoy participating in open source communities, and am always looking for opportunities to contribute to interesting projects. I usually deliver presentations at a variety of conferences each year, and occasionally will host a training event. I have also started a few open source projects, most of which you can find in my Projects or on my GitHub profile.

I enjoy learning new skills, so in my spare time I experiment and build things with technologies I don't implement on a daily basis, such as:
- WebVR: I created an editorial interface for WebVR experiences using A-Frame, React, Redux (with sagas), and a Drupal 8 based JSON-API: editvr.io.
- Quantum Computing: I used ProjectQ to write a few small quantum programs, and executed them using ProjectQ's emulator.
- Machine Learning: I've been using TensorFlow and Keras to define neuron layers, and train models for image recognition, and language processing.

Thank you for stopping by my website, feel free to contact me anytime!