Making reactive Headless Drupal 8 interfaces with Meteor

Meteor is a JavaScript framework that enables developers to quickly create reactive, highly accessible applications. Drupal is a great content management system that makes it really easy to create well-structured content models and interact with data. Why not combine the two and let Drupal provide Meteor with semantic data with Meteor rendering that data in a reactive way?

Extracting data from Drupal entities the right way

If you've ever had to extract data from Drupal entities you know it can be a painful process. This post presents a solution for distilling Drupal entities into human-readable documents that can be easily consumed by other modules and services.

Upgrading to Drush 7 (for Drupal 8) on OSX with Homebrew

Remove old Drush

If you already have an installation of Drush on your machine, go ahead and get rid of it. If you installed it with homebrew, simply run:

brew uninstall drush

Install Composer

You most likely have composer on your system already, but just in case you don't, just run this: